On the same day that the UK voted Brexit, I had my own mini-exit, leaving the digital agency where I had been working for over a year in Bristol.

Torchbox is a fantastic digital agency, with great people. It was fun to be a part of their recent growth spurt and subsequent move to a larger office however I've really been missing getting stuck into smaller digital projects where I can put my own digital skills to good use.

Becoming a self-employed Digital Consultant should be a giant leap but rather oddly it feels like I have only taken a small step, maybe time will tell.

I decided to go self-employed to give me the flexibility to work with non-profits and small business brands that I really like and want to see grow. At a time when it feels like Britain has descended into mild chaos, I hope I can put my digital knowledge and experience to good use.

The first project I will be working on over the next 3 months will be developing a sustainable future for the South West and South Wales International Development Network (SWIDN). The Network of NGO's has really bright future and I'm really excited about helping to steer it.

My experience of talking to many small organisations is that they often can't afford a full-time Digital Manager salary but could greatly benefit from a close relationship with person who can advise and bring those skills to the table on a flexible basis. If this sounds like your organisation, let's start talking about how I can help.