RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed, everyday people. Together they use their voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty.

For RESULTS, the building blocks of the end of poverty can be most simply articulated as health, education, and economic opportunities. These are the things that all people, wherever they live, need and have a right to.

Google Ad Grant Goals

Of the $10,000 Google AdWords credit RESULTS is receiving, the average spend in 2015 was just $500 per month and it did go as low as $150. This needed to change. RESULTS is now using their Google Ad Grant for strategic advocacy and the early signs are really positive.  

The other main objective was to rebuild the Google Ad Grant account to increase UK traffic and engagement with online resources such as downloadable policy reports, campaign guides, campaign actions, volunteer recruitment and giving RESULTS a voice in the online spaces that they would usually find difficult to rank for organically. 

Impact of Google Ad Grant

Fortunately, has some very good content, so it didn’t take very long to get the Google Ad Grant account spend closer to the $10,000 per month mark.

The graph shows how Google AdWords (Google/cpc) has become a greater source of traffic than Google organic searches. 76% of traffic to comes from a Google Ad Grant, which is approx 250-300 visitors per day.


The RESULTS guide, “how to write to your MP”, in a 2 month period received more than 854 clicks with a bounce rate of only 38%, which is 19% lower than the average bounce rate for organic visitors to in the same time period.  


On World TB Day (24th March) the above text advert maxed out the daily budget. It was viewed over 6000 times and clicked by over 350 people because it sat at position number one in the Google search results for “World TB Day.” If only RESULTS were on Grantspro ($40,000) for World TB day RESULTS could have received four times that many impressions and clicks, maybe next year they will.     


When UK Aid spending was under threat by certain parts of the media, RESULTS were able to target people using Google to search for keywords like ‘UK Aid’ and ‘foreign aid,’ with a positive message and a link to action on protecting UK Aid. In 6 months this and similar adverts were viewed 26,281 times and clicked 852 times.

This advert appeared when people in the UK searched for keywords like ‘rio 2016’ and ‘olympics’ and takes the person who clicks it to a campaign action on tackling malnutrition. During the first 10 days of the Rio 2016 Olympics it was viewed 68,180 times and clicked 1,780 times.

Other success metrics (March to August 2016)

  • Total Google Ads clicked = 51,584
    • Same period previous year = 2,844
  • Total impressions = 1,285,182
  • Average click-through-rate (CTR) = 4%
  • Visitor acquisition;
    • Mobile ads clicked = 30%*
    • Desktop ads clicked = 40%
    • Organic = 9%

*This trend is quickly changing, in last 2 months (June - Aug) mobile ads clicked = 40%.

If you know a charity that could benefit from using a Google Ad Grant , send me an email and we can brainstorm a few ideas on how to put it to good use.