Let someone who knows about digital take care of your online presence.


Digital Management

Often small organisations don't have big enough budgets to hire a permanent digital manager but they do need access to digital knowledge to flourish online.  So, why not use me as your digital manager? I can work with you, on a hourly/monthly basis, covering just the time you need to develop or maintain a strong online presence. 


  • It costs less* than recruiting a full time employee to join your team.
  • You'll get access to a broad range of skills and knowledge.
  • It involves less of your time to manage. 
  • Complete flexibility to use your set monthly hours how you see fit.


  • Onboarding - I'll quickly get to know your team and how your organisation works.
  • Part of the team - see me as one of your very own. I can work in-house or remotely. 
  • Agile working - work to the priority tasks that need to be completed each month.
  • A professional - someone to bounce your ideas off and help your team deliver its best.



  • Key objectives - we'll agree goals that we want to achieve each month.  
  • Good communication - for it to work best we need like each other and be talking.
  • Clear hours - each month we'll decide how most of your billable hours will be used and when.
  • Christmas time - to be invited to your staff party!