Many charities suffer from poor Google Ad Grants peformance. A free Google Ad Grants review could help put this right and restore your confidence. 


What are some of the symptoms of poor Google Ad Grants account management? 

  • Failure to comply with the Google Ad Grants management policy.
  • AdWords Click-through-rate less than 5%
  • Google Ad Grant budget spend is less than 50%
  • High AdWords bounce rate
  • Hundreds of keywords all in one ad group.
  • Irrelevant search terms triggering your adverts to display in Google searches.


What help is available for charities suffering from poor Google Ad Grants peformance? 

Help is always available. Google Ad Grants managers like myself, have been working with AdWords for a long time. Google Ad Grant management doesn't need to be expensive, we can tailor a quote to just the right amount of work to put your charity back on track.

The best way to understand what support you might need is to start with a Google Ad Grants review.  I offer a free confidential service.  

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