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Creating a shared budget for your Google Ad Grant

I have no doubt that spending more time managing your Google Ad Grant is top of your new year's resolution list! But please remember in order to maintain your grant status, you must; "actively manage your AdWords account by logging in once a month and making at least one change to your account every 90 days." With this in mind, here's a simple change for this month that will make managing your account easier.

1) Log in to your AdWords account 2) Click Shared library on the left side navigation. 3) Click the option Budgets 4) Click the red button + budget

Google Ad Grant Shared Budget

5) Give the budget a name like "Google Ad Grant" 6) Apply to all existing campaigns already running by selecting the arrow to move the campaign across to the new shared budget. 7) Enter the budget amount $329 per day 8) Delivery method: I prefer the Standard option. 9) Click Save.

What's the benefit?

Google will attempt to spread your $329 daily allowance across all your campaigns. This saves you adjusting individual campaign budgets and will help you reach your $10,000 monthly target spend.


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