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Google Ad Grants Training for Charities.

Request Google Ad Grant training for you and your team from an Ad Grants Certified Professional. Start improving your account performance today!

Despite having important causes and valuable services, many non-profits are struggling to attract the attention of potential donors and supporters. With limited resources, it can be difficult to compete with larger organizations and businesses for visibility online. With Google Ad Grant training, you can get the attention you deserve and make a bigger impact. Contact me to learn more about my training.

Google Ad Grant training is only available for charities that have been awarded a Google Ad Grant. I run practical 1:1 or team sessions for marketing and communications staff to learn about managing a Google Ad Grant in-house. Training can take place online or at your office.

It’s a good idea to try to involve senior management in at least the first half of the training. They will come away understanding how Google Ad Grants feeds into your organisation’s digital strategy and if you don’t have a strategy yet, they will understand why it’s time to start developing one.

During the Google Ad Grant training, we will also be diving into tools such as Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console to gain fresh insights and a better understanding of your performance.  

Google Ad Grant training agenda

Morning - Theory of Google Ad Grant:

What is a Google Ad Grant? 

We start the training here as there are often be misunderstandings that need to be cleared up. Let’s make sure everyone is on the same page about what the Google Ad Grant allows you to do.


Why quality scores and good content are essential 

Ad Relevance + Landing Page Experience + Expected CTR is the formula to being successful with Google Ad Grants.


Keyword research and match types 

Learn how to do keyword research properly and pick keywords that will make a difference. This is also really important for your SEO strategy. 

Google Ad Grants strategy

Throughout the training, we will be discussing strategy. You will go away with a clear direction and plan for your Google Ad Grant. 

Afternoon - Google Ad Grants practical

Writing excellent ads and optimisation

Compelling Google Ad Grant copy is important, we look at best practices. 

Creating a campaign + ad group + ads 

Putting into practice the theory you have learned, together we’ll set up a new campaign, ad group and create some ads. 

Types of ads

Google can often change the ad format so it’s important you understand the latest ad formats. 

Google Ad Grant compliance 

Many charities have had their Google Ad Grant suspended because they’re not aware of the Google Ad Grants account management policy.

Conversion tracking 

Without meaningful conversions set up in Google Analytics 4, automated bidding strategies are not very effective and it’s also very difficult for you to know the value you're getting from your Google Ad Grant. 

There is always plenty of time to ask questions and discuss ideas for using a Google Ad Grant in your charity.

If you are interested in Google Ad Grants training send me an enquiry.

Google Ad Grant training reviews

“Jason provided our Comms team with excellent Google Ad Grants training. He was really flexible when we had to switch from an in-person to a virtual event at the last minute. We were starting from scratch and he provided us with an easy-to-follow introduction to Ad Grants and gave honest advice about how to make the most of the grant. He was very knowledgeable and approachable and left us with a comprehensive slide-deck to revise from. I would definitely use him again.”

RE:ACT Disaster Response

“Jason paid us a visit at Caring in Bristol, for a one-day training session on Google Ad Grants. Jason patiently took the time to break down and demystify any jargon/ technical terms and covered every facet of the programme whilst finding time to talk around each topic area. The course was very practical in nature and Jason's sector knowledge meant that we came away with a detailed action plan relevant to our aims and instructions for putting what we learned into practice. Great tutor and a nice guy, would recommend to anyone.”

Caring in Bristol

“Royal Trinity Hospice recently undertook some google ads training with Jason. I was a complete novice before the training having only dipped into google ads once or twice, but Jason did a thorough presentation and demo of how google ads work specifically for charities, a run down of how to set up ads and he also came with recommendations for improvements for our account which were definitely needed! I learnt a lot and now have the confidence to make changes to our google ads and implement those changes. I would 100% recommend booking in a session with Jason, he comes so prepared and really puts in the time to go above and beyond for you, he knows his stuff.”

Royal Trinity Hospice

“ASDAN recently completed a full day's Google Ad Grant training with Jason. So helpful! As a marketing team, we were unconfident in managing our account, with no strategy. Jason's recommendations were fantastic, and we came out feeling excited about what we could achieve and confident we would be able to complete this. Would really recommend. Thank you, Jason.”



“A full day's training with Jason on Google Ad Grants was super helpful for me. Learning how to create a Google Ad and the benefits of SEO will enhance the reach and engagement of new leads for the charity I work for. Jason is really knowledgeable and goes over anything you don't understand, until you feel comfortable. I highly recommend Jason for training and consultancy regarding digital marketing.”



“A fantastic training session from Jason on Google Ad Grants, would highly recommend. With a balance of theory and practical support, the training has enabled us to establish a Google Ad Grant strategy, adopt measures to ensure compliance and optimise existing and future ads.”

The Economist Educational Foundation


“Jason is a pleasure to work with – He seems to really understand the charity sector and genuinely cares about the charities he works with and causes they represent. He goes above and beyond during the process of sourcing a google grant, training and follow up. Jason supports all aspects including helpful screen shots so that I could complete any action points with ease. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jason.”

Melanoma Focus

“Excellent training in google ads management, very well structured and concise instructions. Jason is also very patient at explaining concepts and incredibly responsive to further queries myself and my team have had regarding google ads.”

Wild Welfare

“I received Google Ad Grants training from Jason at our offices. He was very reasonably priced,  had clearly done a lot of research and was knowledgeable about our services. The training was fantastic.”

DKMS (We Delete Blood Cancer)

“Jason's package to set up our Ad Grants and optimise our account has been wonderful! The expertise and service he provides is incredible value for money and such a huge help for a small charity like ours who has very limited resources.

The training was the perfect level of depth for Ad Grants newbies like us. It really got us thinking about how we can utilise the grant in clever ways to reach our goals and raise awareness. We have been left inspired and excited to see how our account develops now we have the knowledge to actually utilise it properly.

It was a real pleasure to work with Jason. I would absolutely recommend him and his services to any charity wanting to make use of the incredible grant offered by Google but with no access to the knowledge needed to maximise this. We started off knowing nothing and Jason's package empowered us to take control and feel confident navigating around the Google Ads platform. Thank you, Jason!”

Pet Blood Bank UK

“Hi Jason,  I just wanted to give some feedback from the training and the help you have given us over the last number of weeks.  Your help has been instrumental in us getting our Google Ad Grants account back again with Google technical issues for that I thank you!  As for the training, we were all really impressed with the content and the way the training was carried out, There is always a concern about information overload but they way it was structured allowed us to consume and we left the training with a great sense of direction, both in terms of Google Ad Grants and also our website.”

Restless Beings

“Jason's services and guidance on managing our AdGrants account was invaluable.  We had been struggling for quite some time with compliance due to a lack of information online around organisations such as ours, so never could fully grasp AdGrants requirements until the training we received from him.   Jason offered consultancy specifically catered to the nature of our organisation and has helped to build our AdGrants account to the success it is now. We have gone from receiving 10 page clicks per ad to now averaging 10,000 clicks per ad.  I would highly recommend Jason's services to anyone who is struggling with the complexities of AdGrants.”

China Dialogue Trust

“Although we had secured a Google Ad Grant, we had no idea how to unlock its potential and felt overwhelmed by the amount of information we had found online. Jason made the whole process seem much less daunting. He talked us through the basic principles of Google Ads, reviewed our existing activity and helped us develop some strategic goals that were appropriate for the organisation and the people we want to engage with. We now feel much more confident and are looking forward to getting stuck in and making the most of our Google Ad Grant!”

Motivation Charitable Trust

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