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Switching from Google AdWords to AdWords Express

If you're struggling to learn Google AdWords and don't have a budget available to hire a Google Ad Grants manager you can consider Google’s simple-to-use advertising solution, AdWords Express.

Before flicking the switch, have you read through your Google Ad Grant options?

Ready to transfer your Ad Grants AdWords account to AdWords Express?

  1. Click here and use your current Customer ID to login to AdWords Express

  2. Create your AdWords Express account starting from Step 2 here

  3. Pause your existing campaigns in AdWords

Change the deafult AdWords interface

To do this you will need to call AdWords Support and ask that Google to change the interface from AdWords to AdWords Express.

The support team member will then email you at template that give Google one-time approval to make the changes that you want. You should (1) review the template carefully, (2) fill in all of the blanks and (3) send your request back by copy-pasting the completed template.

The template may look something like this:



On behalf of my company, I give Google my approval to make all of the following types of modifications in AdWords account 1234567890 without first notifying me:

Request 1: I authorise Google to change the interface from AdWords to AdWords Express.

AdWords account CID: 1234567890

This process is also required for switching from Google AdWords to Express.


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