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Using Additional Domains

Google Ad Grants allows you to send traffic to different website domains (URLs), as long as you register it with Google.

You are already allowed to send visitors that have clicked your advert to different sections of your website e.g However, by registering different domains with Google Ad Grants you can send visitors to a different website all together e.g

  • You must own the website URL (not

  • It can't be a social media page e.g Facebook or Twitter.

Reasons you might ask for additional domains are;

  • The new domain promotes ongoing projects with similar content owned by your organisation.

  • It contains the same information as your main domain but for a different language.

  • It will replace your original website because you've changed your domain since applying for Ad Grants.

Reasons your application might get rejected;

  • The new domain contains commercial advertising. If you’re promoting products or services, 100% of the proceeds must go directly to supporting your program.

  • The domain is primarily composed of links to other websites.

  • Your ads may not offer financial products (like mortgages or credit cards), nor can they request donations of cars, boats, or other property.

To register a different domain, complete the Additional Website Domain(s) Request form; Take me to the form.


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