Google Ad Grants Certified Professional

What's the story...

I first found out about Google Ad Grants in 2011 whilst working for an international charity. The $10,000 monthly grant from Google increased the number of visitors to our website by 200-300 people a day and helped us connect with new audiences all over the world. It’s often at the top of thousands of charities marketing “to do lists” but finding the time to apply, and having the skills to manage it each month is a real challenge and stops it from being used effectively.  

That’s why I became an independent digital marketing manager, who is both AdWords & Analytics certified. I work with small charities all over the country to help them take advantage of Google Ad Grants. If a charity has their own website and Google Ad Grants is used properly, it can help deliver your services, raise donations and increase brand awareness.

I am the first person in Europe to qualify as an Ad Grants Certified Professional, for my Ad Grants experience and nonprofit sector specialisation.