How to apply for Google Ad Grants

Follow these four Google Ad Grant application steps to receive a $10,000 Ad Grant. If you don’t have the time to do it, get in contact and I’ll do it for you. If I can’t get you the grant, I won’t charge you anything!



Registered with TechSoup but don't have a validation token?

Get a validation token from TechSoup.

New to TechSoup?

Register your organisation with TechSoup to get a validation token.

Your TechSoup validation token will look something like 123a4567@1b234c5de6789000  or 123c492@MyOrgName.



Register for Google for Nonprofits programme.



Click "sign up now" choose "Enroll" on Google Ad Grants programme.

  • Select AdWords Classic not AdWords Express. (see screenshot below)

Read more about the differences between AdWords Classic & AdWords Express.

Google Ad Grants Enroll

Use AdWords Classic

  • If you already have an AdWords Account, you must create a new account to bypass billing setup. Ad Grants cannot be applied to AdWords accounts with billing enabled.



Create AdWords account & submit to Google for approval. 

Please read the latest AdWords account creation guide for Google Ad Grants.

  • Ensure set up using $USD and do not enter billing information!

Google Ad Grants Error check list

Check the boxes & enter your 10 digit account ID#


Once you've submitted your application, you'll receive an email from the Google team with your status within about 5 working days but it's usually a lot quicker! 

If you're stuck, feel free to get in touch for more help. I've been through this process with many charities so could save you a lot of time and misery!