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Google Launches an Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community to Help Charities

Google has announced an Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community, which aims to validate agencies with Ad Grants experience and nonprofit sector specialisation.

In 2017, Google made changes to raise the quality of the ad grant programme and as a result, many non-profits have needed to upskill or seek additional support to ensure their grant is not suspended. To guide non-profits, Google has produced a community directory of certified professionals that can help.

As of its launch on 24th July, the directory lists 8 North America based agencies and one person in Europe, which is me!

I was asked to be part of a small group to help Google with the Ad Grants programme strategy because there's quite a few difference between an Ad Grant account and a paid account. It's important that nonprofits get help from someone who is knowledgeable about these differences, Google has produced this certified list to give charities more confidence in their choice.


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